Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Was seat meant for Langda Aam?

29, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Whether it is bus or train there is the provision of a seat for the handicapped persons. This is certainly a very comfy arrangement for disabled persons. They at least secure their seats and complete the journey in a relaxing manner. Therefore their unnecessary trouble for a seat does not occur.  We find every kind of passengers travelling in the bus and the train respectively. There are sometimes moving very simple people in the bus who does not know where to sit and where to keep belongings. Subsequently, some confusion creates a funny situation.

It was a little bit awkward situation on a crowded bus. A bulky bag on a seat earmarked for the physically handicapped persons was placed like a man was sitting. But in actuality, it was merely a sack containing some kinds of fruits. Strangely enough, the bag’s owner was standing at the side of the seat. Was he too insane to accommodate himself on the seat? Or, was it his particular mode of following the written words up above the seat. He seemed to have concluded if he was not disabled the fruits packed in the sack are in some way famous for its differently able quality.

This was quite disconcerting for the passengers hankering after a vacant seat in the jam-packed bus moving towards Varanasi. Irritated by his constant standing pose, one stout passenger yelled at the man standing by the side of the seat. He said: You have kept a heavy sack on the seat while there are passengers seeking seats to relax for the duration of their journey. You should better remove the sack from the wide seat. But he painstakingly considered how ignorant they are. Thereupon the bag owner in a very easy and plain way answered: A seat particularly meant for the handicapped persons is accommodating the variety of mangoes called Langda Aam. So the rest can be tacit.