Saturday, 21st April, 2018

School gave Nursery Admission to kid's mother - She used Anti-Ageing Cream

19, Dec 2017 By Pallavi Barnwal

In a surprise turn of events, 4 year old Kavya’s mother, Shobha was granted nursery admission in a reputed private school in NCR. The confusion started when Shobha came with Kavya to make her attend the interview. The interview panel, asked few questions on logical reasoning and verbal ability, which Kavya was not able to answer and started getting nervous.hqdefault

It was then, Kavya’s mother Shobha pitched in and answered few questions to make her daughter feel confident. The interview panel looking upon Shobha could not decide who is the mother and daughter between the duo and marked Shobha as selected. The case came to light as the anti-ageing cream manufacturing company, took the credit on themselves to make Shobha, almost twenty years younger than her real age and posted press release and hoardings on metro, about their new achievement.

We spoke to Shobha, who shared with us the secret of never getting old. She is a big fan of t.v. advertisements and online shopping. Since the age of 20, she was aware about the 7 vital signs of ageing and decided to do something about it. She started doing extensive research and then discovered four types of anti-ageing creams for the face (eyes, nose, cheeks, and forehead).  She then followed a strict regime of applying the anti-ageing cream thrice on a daily basis. Such punctual she was, that she even skipped her bridal makeup on the day of her wedding as she cannot do without the anti-ageing cream for a single day.

Her hard work and sincere efforts have paid and now, it becomes difficult to recognize between her and her daughter. Shobha’s mother shares that during ‘annaprashan’ ceremony (where the infant is fed food for the first time), she mistakenly fed Shobha instead of Kavya.

We wish Shobha success in her anti-ageing efforts and hope young girls take inspiration from her and start applying anti-ageing creams instead of fairness creams.