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Where relatives wane, neighbours enter

03, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It has been more than a year since the wedding date has been fixed, but it appears like yesterday to her. A few days are yet to go on the final day of marriage. The bride’s mother was enjoying every moment of the transient days as if she has been recollecting her own wedding time possibly over two decades ago. “Did she say anything to you about having made a new revelation?” enquired the neighbour pointedly. The response was, ‘No, nothing at all.’ As the neighbourly woman’s manner was quite unmoved. There was a slightly longer pause this time on her part before she uttered of her similar conviction.

Deprived of enormity in her family size she totally bent upon her neighbours to enjoy the moments before the wedding calendar day. She used to invite every woman in the building to sing, clap, dance and howl enormously. Though she was overheard uttering of her disdain towards making such an unnecessary disturbance, she wittingly put the onus on her neighbours’ responsiveness towards this sort of mood. She even said: “All of you were interestingly turning up to my flat because all these things appeared to be giving enough joy that a bride’s mother used to realise. Therefore it was all happily going on for the past week.”

As the night approaches their party, as well as the programme, reach to its crescendo within hours. It entirely depends on how energetic they are to continue. She along with her neighbours is alternately full of praises for such merriments. It is no nice for they are meeting and enjoying the celebratory mood with the neighbourly response. Her house remains filled with neighbourly noise. Her two eyes question the emotions and feelings gleaming in the next-door neighbours’ eyes. Seemingly totally irritated with the severe pain her relatives had inflicted, she observed in a satisfied voice: ‘Grateful relief as neighbours were filling the emptiness.’