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Ram Rahim aka MSG now claims to have named Neil Nitin Mukesh

31, Aug 2017 By Asatyam

Had the makers of our constitution foreseen the possibility of someone being as light tongued as our MSG, our rights of free speech wouldn’t have been the same. Have a look at this video, where Sant Gurmeet Shri Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan claims that he taught Virat Kohli how to play Cricket.

Ram Rahim aka MSG named Neil Nitin Mukesh after training Virat Kohli
Ram Rahim pointed in Neil Nitin Mukesh’s general direction and cried “You are my lovecharger!”

Ram Rahim was sentenced a jail term of 20 years after he was found guilty in a rape case. He has now been moved to Rohtak jail. Even in jail, however, the ‘Messenger of God’ doesn’t seem to be able to kick old habits. Ram Rahim has yet again made a sensational claim; that he is the one who gave Neil Nitin Mukesh his name.“Wo manega nahi, par hamne hi naam rakha hai!” cried MSG from behind the bars, in his signature squeaky voice. “Naam hi nahi, acting bhi hamne hi sikhai hai… Itna acchi acting aur koi sikha sakta hai kyaa!”. The ‘lovecharger’ singer had to shout at the top of his voice. Jail authorities told our reporters that Ram Rahim has been isolated in a sound proof chamber, keeping in mind the safety of jail staff and security personnel.

Unlike most of the times, MSG’s claim did seem to be worth a thought. Renowned Analyst Abhi Baskar also had similar ideas to share. “The possibilities are pretty high. Who is his right mind would name someone Neil Nitin Mukesh Chandra Mathur, unless the person himself has a similar name? Not just that, their acting styles seem to be very similar, which would further substantiate Insan’s claim. From what I can deduce, there are fair chances that Ram Rahim has strong ties with the Nitin Mukesh Chandra Mathur family.”

Neil, however, denied any such claims at once. “You know, when you have something that is so unique and so desired, people try to take it away from you. I just can’t understand why somebody would claim to have done something which they never did. People know that they would never get a chance to do that, simply because they aren’t worth it. How hard is it to understand that giving such statements won’t give you any publicity? You just come out as a fool!” said Neil, while trying to make an angry face.

Our reporter was later attacked by Neil. She had questioned him about similar claims he had once made about doing a stint in Game of Thrones. Neil reportedly tried to hurt her by throwing his 3G phone at her. The Police authorities have not registered an FIR yet. No charges were filed as they failed to understand ‘which one of the five’ tried to harm our reporter. Nevertheless, the mystery behind his name still remains unsolved.