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Rage is by no reason ogled fine

28, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Chinese say drink water if you are angry. Indians assert of counting numbers if you are in a rage. Others maintain anger is absolutely bad for the health. But the American researchers have recently concluded that the enraged people who did not vent their frustration have a worse night’s sleep than those patient or expressive people. It simply meant that the anger badly ruined sleep in the fuming state. The anger is never considered a positive condition but we naturally tend to express anger in the daily life. It can be at any place or in any situation. Wrath cannot be restricted because of human tendency.

How could one control one’s rage? Different exercises are suggested for freeing oneself from this bad habit. However, the control is not easily found among the human beings. All those who fail in his emotional outbursts under intense pressure are compellingly giving vent to their deep annoyance on certain adverse matters. Some persons cannot tolerate others’ habit of falsehood. Therefore their resistance level goes down and they straightforwardly lose their temper before them. At the same time, all those who stay calm and composed under any kind of circumstances or the undesirable pressure come into the anger-control class. This is regarded as the finer trait.

If we take the example of two sisters Zainab & Sidra in the different age group the elder one gets enraged quickly on even slightest exasperation while the younger remains calm on the most occasions. She can be grouped in the anger-out category. She becomes furious only after the irritation crosses the limit. She is always seen tight-lipped while elder one is often found screaming and yelling at her. It seems she wanted to prove her bullying nature upon the younger sister. But strangely enough, their fret and fume nature dwindle the moment they develop a very amicable affinity soon.