Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Puckish boys caused enough rile

08, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It was beyond his comprehension that he would be caught for his aberrations or irregularities or wrongdoings. He was not all alone in mischievous acts. His group even included an older adolescent doing his high school. They were so disobedient as to care a fig for their actions.   As there were no shortages of complainants against their puckish act of playing cricket within small space of passage, this caused a lot of booming sounds on the upper floors of the three-storey building. Besides, they were also not oblivious of hitting the standing car of a stout fabricator.

Although they were indicted more often by several persons yet they were not compliant to the points. But, on the contrary, that car owner was alert and vigilant on their playful behaviour. Truth be told, the aggrieved person was watching their action from the past so many weeks, one day they came into his trap in the complete view of the daylight. What exactly annoyed the car owner was the teens’ constant habit of throwing some heavy knock at the fabricator’s not more than the one-year vehicle. He certainly was very much vexed with the dents and breakages on the car’s outer body.

When one among those naughty boys caught red-handed for his impish deed, the man’s rage burst into hard words for the impolite boy. Scared out of his wits the young lad was unspoken at his sudden catch by the car’s owner. Simultaneously, he chided another boy too peevishly looking at the developments from his balcony.

What irked everyone disturbed with their bad habits were the sporadic damages causing on their vehicles and disturbances. But neither their parents nor those accepting their wrongdoings ever forbade them. They in some way or another encouraged them to continue with their harmful deeds. It was definitely their crossing the limit. What they pursued since years was never considered nicer in any manner by the well-mannered people.