Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Pruned trees, poor ran for fuel

20, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There was an ample number of individuals accumulating the harder and thinner twigs pruned back from the trees in a row on the road in the Cantonment area. They seemed to have no LPG connection. That’s why they were compelled to want very much of the fallen dried up twigs, branches and stems.

If they had been possessing the advantage of the cooking gas, their chase for the wooden fuel would never have been so intensive at the time. When one sari-clad woman was questioned about the tree, she expressed her complete ignorance regarding the botanical roots of the trees.What was not good for the some was of immense ignoring of the underprivileged as they were found to be collecting the leftover firewood on the road.

Tree trimming made the Cantonment road airy and radiant. Quite open the road looks now. On both sides of the spacious road, the trimmed twigs and larger leaves were spreading and the nearby people were seen searching the fuel material within the scattered heaps. This scene remained in our view since the past three or more days.

Some were even carrying on the bicycles; others were taking the vital things on e-rickshaws, a few others were piling the woods and its equivalent bits and pieces. They hurriedly possessed the large, small and tiny shoots spreading over the road. This course of action continued till the afternoon.

As the branches fell down from the moderately stripped trees, the men, women and children throng all along the road. Living in close proximity these very old residents flocked to collect the dropped wooden stems. There was a kind of ransack scene for the firewood. The passers-by were amazed to see this hunt for igniting the fire in order to cook foods at the kitchen.