Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Prospects for drivers in Bangalore city as policeman – but misfired

29, Oct 2017 By koush

Bangalore city is known for its crazy traffic, with the increase the population the traffic jams are becoming a reason for procrastinating office meetings and spending an extra dime to please their soul mates for the delay on their dates. The local cab drivers and auto drivers are stepping out as Rajini in Basha to control the haphazard traffic.

The local cab driver Manjunath said “If I don’t step out, I will be left in the same place for an entire day and I can’t feed my family. Hence, I took this responsibility”.  Slowly, in that area, he is seen as a demigod and even people who had issues in real estate business are reaching out to settle the scores. In few days, local politicians are seeing Manjunath as a key competitor for their post.

Govt has seen his case and came up with an idea. They started positioning some recruiters at the busiest hotspots in the city to select prime candidates to absorb into the police department. This news was tipped to a news agency and reached to every nook and corner of the state. When a reporter asked the govt representative he supported by saying “ Yes, the ability to regulate the traffic is key, rather than educational qualifications. It also brings down the cost and time to recruit suitable candidates”.

Truck drivers understood govt intention started parking their vehicles in the busy areas and swank their policing skills. Unfortunately, all the haughty drivers started arguing with each other and forget their prime duty to control the traffic. Seeing these recruiters scratched their head and booked all of them under IPC section 504 for breaching the public peace. Govt has then taken a back step and started looking for alternate opportunities.

Many unemployed B.Tech students who are desperate to get recruited into the govt agency has broken their hearts and focused back on bank jobs. Now, traffic has become as usual and no person is stepping forward to control the traffic. Doing nothing, people who stuck in the traffic are looking up to the heavens and started praying to extradite this tyranny.