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Pre-wedding photoshoot inspires engineer to get into modeling

29, Aug 2017 By kida

Noida: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” No kid answers ‘Model’ to this question and neither did Gaurav Kumar, a software engineer from Noida, when he was a kid. Gaurav Kumar had thought of becoming doctor, postman, pilot, milkman, but never a model. In fact, he wasn’t even interested in posing for pictures. All this changed after the unexpected pleasant results of his recent pre-wedding photo shoot.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is where an engaged couple are treated like models by a professional photographer. Gaurav got engaged to Ashmeeta recently and the couple decided to follow this modern trend of pre-wedding photoshoot. Initially, Gaurav was reluctant about the photoshoot. He is a typical software engineer who wears sandals to office and does care about appearance. But constant threats persuasion from his fiancee changed his mind.

Gaurav's pose idea that got featured on pintrest
Gaurav’s pose idea that got featured on pintrest

To Gaurav’s surprise, Ashmeeta already had a venue in mind for the photoshoot. Choosing photographer was not easy though. They wanted to hire a high-end, professional photographer but that was way out of their budget. So Gaurav approached his colleague Anil, an aspiring photographer who owns an expensive DSLR. The couple promised Anil dinner (including desserts) at a nice restaurant after the photoshoot. Ashmeeta was apprehensive about hiring an amateur “photographer”. But all her doubts were washed away by the numerous filmy poses with props Anil suggested during the pre-pre-wedding photoshoot. Anil had done his homework.

Both Gaurav and Ashmeeta were pleased with the results of the photoshoot. Gaurav was surprised at how good he looked in some of the pics. The idea of becoming a model got first planted in his mind when Ashmeeta also praised his solo pics. Five facebook comments similar to “Hero lag raha hai” strengthened the idea further. The tipping point was when one of his pose ideas got featured in a pintrest article about posing ideas. Gaurav, who was initially reluctant about the photoshoot, started enjoying the poses 30 min into the session and towards the later half he was giving his suggestions for pose. “I was applying more brain in the photo session than in my software job”, said Gaurav. He has given one-month notice to his manager and created his Facebook page “Gaur the Model” to kickstart his modeling career.

Meanwhile, Anil has already quit his job to pursue his photography career. He is the official photographer at his cousin’s wedding.