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PETA launches new organization for welfare of vegetables: Bans people from putting lemons under new vehicles

03, Apr 2017 By electroman

PETA has launched a new Organization for the welfare of vegetables. It will be called VegETA. After failing to stop Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu this year, they want to target a wider audience. The majority of people in north India are vegetarians. So they want to open a new wing to terrorize the veggie lovers.

Man recently arrested for breaking the law, being taken to the custody
Man recently arrested for breaking the law, being taken to the custody

The organization has started filing many cases in the court. VegETA says that lemons are treated very badly in India. People not only dunk them in salt water and chilli powder for long periods of time to make pickle, they also string it with chillies and hang it on houses. Come on people, why do you have to hang the victim outside your house. The Horror. Also people sacrifice 4 lemons every time they buy a new car. they just squish them under the wheels without any remorse. The lemons are not even sedated properly.

There are these Jains who discriminate against onions and garlic. They should be tried in court. There were entire farms of Palak who were one big happy family, destroyed in an instant to make Palak Paneer, Palak fry, Palak Palak etc at a marriage function. people building their lives on the graveyard of vegetables. All the yoga gurus and swamis suggest vegetarian food for their followers. Why should veggies bear the brunt every time? Why wouldn’t they suggest chicken kebab or mutton keema for attaining spirituality?

VegETA is also planning to ban banana leaf meals, leaf cups used in temples to give Prasad. Meanwhile Kerala offered to convert to 100% Beefinism in support for VegETA. Soon UP will shutdown vegetable markets to protect the sacred vegetables. They will launch shelters for abandoned cabbages and mistreated melons.