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Peaky lady bent edgy on male entry

29, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Various queries were disturbing the woman sitting at the doctor’s clinic. How could she narrate her illness before the male doctor? It was really uncomfortable for a peaky-looking lady to share her specific sickness details with the older medical practitioner at his grubby old-fashioned small spaced clinic in a dingy lane of this populous, crowded city. She approached an old but not an inexpensive medical consultant only because of his perfection in the diagnosis. She did not suppose that someone known to her would also reach there. Exactly this thing happened as one person unexpectedly arrived there.

‘Your problem is not very complex’ said the doctor with a touch of advice in this manner. She was a little bit feeling awkward in pointing out her bodily ailment in front of other patients’ attendants. Amidst the pervasive nervousness and diffidence in rendering every fact about her feminine trouble, she inwardly thought that the right treatment will only be possible unless she describes her womanly ailment. ‘Naturally, none could negate the virus damaging at any part of the human body despite one’s total care but there are more ways than one to control through the medicinal power’, he discontinued significantly.

Shrugging her graceful shoulders the lady patient’s conversation with the doctor was easily falling into every human ear as the distance between two patients was not enough due to scant space. The woman’s every hush-hush or confidential word was overtly overheard by the middle-aged man sitting close by. She was thinking of his peculiar manner as he did not realise it better to go out for a few minutes. She disliked his posture so long as her narrative in low voice continued with the elderly doctor. This brought the female’s position a little more unpleasantly uncomfortable at that period of time.