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Parents corrected daughter's doubts

01, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The girl was in a tight corner when she heard of the wise man’s words explaining of the similarities with groom’s horoscope. She abruptly asked her mother if her horoscope matches with that of the prospective groom and it is as good as Rama and Sita. Then my long cherished dream got shattered with this revelation. She desired to visit Europe after marriage but the wise man’s declaration will obligate her to roam in the natural conditions of the jungles. She was indicating of Sita’s ordeals. What she stressed upon was something very important. It was a matter related to the matter of horoscope matching. As her parents were seeking the saner advice, they were free to consider every aspect regarding her Janam kundali.

Revision of the birth chart used to be a necessary toil at the time of beginning formal act for the marriage vows. It is customary practice to match horoscopes of the groom and the bride. Their identical qualities were a promising indication. Such an instance was rarely found but the rare things always surprise one and all. Although this rarity was somehow acceptable to both the families yet the bride to be was not pleased with this avowal. As the wise man in a fit of excitement declared of their unanticipated similitude like Rama and Sita, these words disturbed the probable bride. She considered of missing opportunity of touring the beautiful beaches of the European countries after the wedding. So, she also discerned that the comparable qualities did not compel her to compromise with the arranged marriage norm.

Several people fervidly point out when the marriages are settled up above the higher sky, why is required some conditions? However, the parents have to abide by the rule. Marriage is a solemn affair in our traditional society. A similarity of horoscope prior to the wedding is moreover a vital point. Every family prefers to see whether the horoscope matches. If these are not matching, a variety of suitable remedial steps is followed on the scholarly man’s guidance.

The girl’s trepidation was persisting owing to a wrong analysis. Her parents were ready to resolve her mental distress when they corrected that matching of horoscope was nowhere meant of moving into the jungles. The comparison was done only to relate how perfect their pair would prove to be. A similarity of the horoscope is the first fundamental thing strictly pursued by the parents as this chart describes everything about an individual in a pictorial form. If one knows time, place and date of the birth, the precise horoscope of a person can be generated.