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Paneer Fishing to be included as a new sport in Tokyo Olympics

18, May 2017 By chachachaudhary

New Delhi/ Tokyo. Considering the popularity of the sport of Paneer Fishing at marriage buffets in around Delhi NCR and large number of high performance players the International Olympic Committee has decided to include the sport to feature in next Olympic Games to be held at Tokyo in 2020.

The spokesperson of the International Olympic Committee said in a press conference “The selection of any sport in Olympics depends on the popularity of the sport, Physical Prowess involved and the technical skills. Since the popular Sport of Paneer Fishing meets all the above criteria we have decided to give it a go”.

"Selection going on in India to find out the best of best candidates to ensure a medal"
“Selection going on in India to find out the best of best candidates to ensure a medal”

The federation of Paneer Fishers is absolutely overwhelmed on hearing the news. The reigning champion and the current in-house trainer of the association Muftkhor Fokatia expressed his happiness to the faking news, “I know that our efforts will pay off one day. We visit every marriage in the Delhi NCR and then observe the potential talent for Pander Fishing. Then we groom and train them further. Now a days these food caterers have become smart, Kallu Halwai manages to feed at least 1000 guests on 250 grams of Paneer but our players still can fish every bit out of that 250 grams. We do all kinds of Kushti and rugby moves to reach to the table in buffet where Paneer dish is placed and we do not leave the venue till every last bit has been picked off. We work hard and train ourselves to reach that level of expertise. We also get training in shouting and creating a scene even when Paneer is visible but most of the times it is not. Our old lot has a lot of expertise and new generation will get interested after the Olympic news reaches them.”

Kallu halawi is excited that he will get a new contract, he said that he will make the competition very hard and none of the  participant  player will succeed and win medals as now a days he has stopped adding Paneer altogether in the Paneer dishes.He said that they only print tent cards specifying Paneer butter Masala but there is only masala and nothing else.