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Owaisi and party men to use Triple Talak daily and remarry their wives to protest against court

28, Jan 2017 By electroman

After seeing the protest against Jallikattu and its popularity, Owaisi has been itching for a long time to hitchhike on its fame. He has finally found a way to tap that fame and use it for his own divisive politics. He has now called upon his supporters to protest for their freedom to use Triple Talaq, his party has announced their method of protest.

"Triple Talaq is our birth right"
“Triple Talaq is our birth right”

In Tamil Nadu, many villagers conducted Jallikattu in defiance of the Supreme Court ban. Following their footsteps, Owaisi and his party men will use triple talaq daily and divorce their wives. Then they will remarry them by evening and again will use triple talaq the next day. They end up marrying the same woman everyday, because they cant afford new wife everyday to divorce like their Saudi counterparts.

When reporters approached Owaisi to get his comments on this protest, he was running out of his house with a burqa clad woman behind him with a broom in her hand. We later learned that it was one of his wives. Then he started blabbering to the reporters gathered there. His party had arranged for a big bucket to gather the venom he spewed.

The party members were planning to sit in Marina Beach for protest. The Chennai commissioner jumped up and said that Anti-national elements will hijack the protest and turn it in to a violent situation. Later he realized that there is no element in the country that is more anti-national than the group that is planning the protest.