Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Overpopulation overawes us overtly

06, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Why do we not think differently?  The living planet is surging with a heavy population. Whether it is Tokyo or Delhi the land for the living is limiting. There is a deep concern over it. There appears to be no perfect solution to this persisting problem. Is war a solution? Or, the discovery of a new continent can solve the problem of increasing population.

One thing seems fitting for decreasing the weight of population on earth and it is the idea of habitation on the moon or some other planet where life is possible. The United Arab Emirates are also pondering over making a complete city on a planet. Even the access to the moon is being generalised to send humans there. Moon or Mars can certainly resolve the population problem. So, there is not to worry much for the paucity of space on the earth.

It has been said to contraction of space due to the continuous increase in the population year after year. That brought before us the structural design of multi-storey buildings which housed more people on a single location. The concept of the smaller house begins to grow and people slowly accepted accommodating themselves in two-bed rooms. There also came the idea of foldable abodes but it has not taken much acceptance.

The graveyards are said to be expanding more than the living spaces. The people will not hesitate to live with the dead persons in those graveyards. They can do anything or everything in pressure. The living conditions in the lanes and by-lanes are so bad but people are tolerating. There is no shocker if people start living with the dead bodies. If Aghoris pass their time with dead souls, the poor man cannot dither the company of the dead persons. There is no need to worry at the paucity of land for the burial of the dead. There is option or jugaad for everything in this wonderful country.