Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Old age dawns with fall in wife's doubt

17, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Physical health is vital for leading a blissful life. We are not consuming genuine things in our lives. We are always complaining about adulterated things. This makes our body unsafe. Whatever we buy in the name of purity is never pure in the real sense. We are now used to devour impure foods. That’s why our average age is decreasing continuously and a healthy person begins to look older quite earlier. It is a general feeling that seventy years of age is the maximum limit of our earthly life.

Intake of impure things is bringing various kinds of the fatal diseases. When we fall sick the medical experts or doctors start sucking our body’s remaining blood through different ways. Who does like to fall ill? The private level treatment has become expensive for the common man. At this crucial stage, the medical professionals appear to be overriding their oath. In this age of advanced medical sciences, the treatment is not up to everyone’s reach.

When one asked about the first impression of old age, there were received varied answers. Some said that old age begins to stalk the person at the resemblance of wrinkles on the face. Neglecting this answer several others pointed out that use of ample medicines reminds us of the approaching old age. This view was also abruptly negated by a group of people present on the spot. They said that old age was directly related to the baldness, not the medicines as these are used by younger people too.

Considering upon all these points there were conveyed another idea about the old age. It was very practical and simple as adherents of this thought aired. They put forward that the old age dawns upon the man’s life at the time his spouse stops suspecting over him. The time this moment comes in the married man one should without any doubt reach the final conclusion. It is the exact parameter of the old matured age.