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Odd civility robs neighbour of Iftar party

21, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It is quite not out of the ordinary if the people entrusted with the task of invitation by the certain host do not inform the neighbours of it. They should choose their relatives only and leave aside the remaining next-door neighbours in the same multi-storeyed building. The other day, a neighbour was heard complaining of his missing chance at the Roza Iftar held in the locality. As he suddenly met one of his neighbours at a medicine shop, he thought it better to express this pressing matter to him. For a few minutes, he was stunned to take note of his grumble but later considered it wholly important to clear the neighbour’s feeling.

He let him know how he can inform if he was not invited on the occasion. It must have been other neighbour’s blunder. The matter was later resolved that it was definitely other man’s aberration. That neighbour was so much pained because the host asked him the reason of his absence despite the invitation. That was why he was desperate to know the reality. But he did not enquire from the host whom exactly he told to let him know of the evening feast. He was known of the Iftar invitation.

But the surprising thing was that the man close to the host was not reprimanded in this matter. He needs to be questioned for his carelessness. When the host was properly inviting one and all the information required to be conveyed. Otherwise, there remains complete probability of some kind of displeasure. After all, extending an invitation is taken as the most genuine gesture for the community gathering. The startled plump middle-aged neighbour simply answered to the host by saying that the Iftar was not destined for him so he failed to turn up. However, the moot point was why neighbours adopted such bitter line during the holy month of Ramadan.