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North Indians not feeling patriotic anymore after listening to A.R. Rahman's Maa Tujhe Salaam

17, Jul 2017 By electroman

After the outrage created during the recent A.R. Rahman concert in UK, where more Tamil songs were sung rather than the hindi songs which was expected by the waiting crowd. Fakingnews team was conducting a nationwide survey among north Indians to find out the reason and the aftershocks.

A R Rahman in shock
A R Rahman in shock

A few groups of individuals were selected and given a set of tests. The tests show that they were not feeling patriotic anymore when listening to Maa Tujhe Salaam. Also they were unaffected by the Flag burning scene from the film Roja. North indians are not getting goosebumps anymore for these songs, because A.R. Rahman, a Tamilian sang Tamil songs in a concert titled in Tamil as Netru Indru Naalai.

They also asked the Academy awards to write down A.R. Rahman’s nationality as Tamilian rather than as Indian in their list of awardees.

And a few set of enlightened individuals who claim that he attained stardom after started composing for hindi films, he received 4 National awards and filmfare awards before he even started with Rangeela. So instead of trying to shove hindi down the throat of south Indians, better to embrace all languages and appreciate its beauty. Hindi has already been removed from Bangalore Metro stations, so most tourists will be at the mercy of co passengers to find the right destination.

One nation – Many cultures.