Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Noise rips down building's calm

30, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The building’s peace shattered with the playing of the high-pitch film songs by one family. As the daughter’s marriage day was approaching near, such activity was definite to take place. The cheerfulness in the family acquired momentum with a gathering of the neighbouring families. The immediate decision was to smash calmness by the songs’ reverberation. There is, of course, no validity of this kind of bang, bang sound on eve of such social occasion. The din made the whole of the three-storey building resounding and vibrating with Hindi films song beat. When the NGT becomes more attentive on minimising the unbearable noise pollution, the blaring of songs on the high-volume definitely appears incompatible.

What was worth surprising on that very night was that the family did not mind of the high-decibel sound’s direct effect on the aged lady in the same house? Even, the students busy in the examination preparation remained directly distracted with such tendency. The spontaneous enjoyments are not considered as intolerance or tyranny in the midst of free will explained under the fundamental rights. But one’s freedom ends where other’s nose begins. If one does not agree with someone’s unwise actions just because of disturbances by unnecessary acts, it needs not be initiated in the vicinity. Whatever others should think of someone’s ideas or actions really does not serve at all to tell what they think of that person, one way or the other. After all, it is an inherent beauty of our indigenous society that we have the freedom to celebrate individual choices within the parameter of an urbane manner. A wedding ceremony is basically a reality show nowadays. The more noise and show make the occasion more pragmatic in people’s thinking. That is why the overjoyed six girls and seven mothers showed an inclination to go along needless clamours.