Monday, 26th February, 2018

Neighbour failed to notice wife's trap

14, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: “Go and get the sugar at cheap rate from the mall?” The neighbour seemed to have overlooked the expenses entailed into going there. He despite understanding every fact tried to test the man’s ingenuity in his own way. Afterwards, he realised of other’s perception on the thin line of benefit and loss. Being a tight-fisted man he cares enough in spending his money but his disposition to advise others is always incongruous.

Ongoing sale at the city’s big mall is attracting people’s attention but the very sense of benefit loses the flash of discounts in case the well-furnished grand mall exists several miles away. If one decides to approach the mall for the benefit of reduced rates, the sundry expenses will spoil the gain.  Considering upon those important details it is always safer to purchase the groceries from the stores in the close proximity.

Actually, the neighbour was looking distressed at his wife’s demand for money to go to the mall. His blood pressure was shooting up and down because of this immediate concern. His wife was too desperate to visit the air-conditioned place. Despite his admonitions, the determined wife was not ready to accept his excuses for cancelling the visit for another occasion. He appeared to have been completely encircled by his wife’s logics. His position became like the commander eager for the truce following doomed defeats.

He never realised that the wives usually move with the swift steps seen in the chess game. They never preferred moves like the Ludo game. Their thoughts were constantly much advanced. They were well aware of the line of control where the husbands were lacking the confidence. When they found the suitable time they shoot the arrow directly on the target. The neighbour, at last, handed over her wife the currency notes for paying a visit to the distantly located mall.