Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Need ke mare tala khulla chhodd ayee

25, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR:  The main entrance door of the frontage flat on the second-storey floor remained unlocked throughout the night. It was later known when the absent-minded housewife got up in the morning for sending her daughter and son to their respective schools. She directly apprised of this discomfort able blunder to her husband who stayed wakeful since two thirty-five in the early morning. His sleep was somehow disturbed owing a strong shrill sound at that time in an early hour. The street light was throwing light all along the road but the electricity pole set up just in front of the flat had been going without the required lux of the street light for the past several years.

When the housewife revealed this mistake before her hubby, he did not bother about it much. He thought when no loss had been taken the calmness was good for health. He only started recalling the Bollywood film song line, ‘need ke mare tala khulla chhodd aayee.’  This popular lyric might have written in a different context but the housewife’s careless attitude towards locking the one-face wide sturdy smoothly coated door proved the line’s precision. The door lingered even without the proper regular latch. Certainly, the family members were lucky on the night. Or, should they realise of the end of the goons’ dread in the society?

It was not for the first time such an aberration took place. The house lady has earlier forgotten to close the door under lock and key too. However, she always thanked the Almighty for the safety and security of her small house. This small statured mother completely put out of her mind the routine concern of checking the proper latching of the door. Upon knowing of this slip the lady’s little son doubted if his pencil box was stolen by someone in such situation. He was searching for this box as he was to appear at the terminal examinations at his school. It is indeed bizarre as her elder sister did not shirk from checking the door’s locks. She has got fixed several locks in the front door and others even made a mockery of her odd habit. But this heavy-eyed woman is oddly different from her real eldest sister.