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Name hints at varied views

14, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: We often introduce ourselves with our respective names. This is a fact. It is an individual’s hard work, achievement and excellence that give the particular name an important value otherwise every other name looks like a simpler indicator. Even the great dramatist William Shakespeare wrote, “What is in a name?” This can be a logical line in the scheme of things, as several assert adding that some unique names do certainly astonish us. In a person’s name normally one’s identification is underlined by the naming as one is only known by that single particular name in the society.

Now, merely holding a name has no value for an individual if one has not possessed unique Aadhar Card. At this mystified time, a common name gains its intrinsic value only after presentation of the unique identification number. In absence of this government-approved document, one cannot draw even one’s deposited money from the bank despite all the prestige linked with the name. Some people are becoming so rational in speaking over scrapping of the age-old naamkaran sanskaar after a child’s birth in view of the value being given to the administrative compulsory rite. That pious Vedic ritual appears redundant before sarkari taamjhaam nowadays.

Every now and then we observe a person’s name requires the governmental endorsement. Why does it not apply in case of the different places and other lively things? An individual’s name used to be a necessary factor for one’s identification but this is incomplete until one successfully acquires the required certificate. There are a few unique names catching the people’s attention instantly. Similar pronounced names such as advocaat (dick advocaat) with that of the professional name of advocate is out of the ordinary. The corresponding pronunciation is there with a different meaning. Likewise, respective analogous names like Kapil Sharma, a humorist and Kapil Mishra, a legislature and disgruntled politician Nasimuddin Siddiqui and BJP leader Mohammed Nasim are more or less similar but their thoughts are poles apart.  Better now to slide off than to cross the limit of three hundred…..