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Movie star in denial over affiliation with fairness cream ad

22, Jun 2017 By sidnaithani

Samir Shah, Bollywood superstar who has starred in a plethora of blockbusters has revealed to media that his appearance in dozens of fairness creams is due to the makers promising him that the cream is for removing dust and pimples, and not purely for fairness. Despite blatant uses of the words – fairness means beauty- by the makers ‘’white is right’’, the star shrugged off suggestion he was advocating fairness to be liberating. The star has been seen a lot recently, smugly endorsing the product across a number of TV channels.

depressed with such ads
depressed with such ads

Speaking at PVR cinema after his new release main hoon kabhi haan kabhi ghum, flanked by hundreds of paparazzi, he was quizzed over his recent ads. The ads shows a young man being harassed and bullied for being dusky, who then discovers the cream and a week later is unnaturally glowing fair, part-time model, part-time CEO at Apple, and is flanked by hundreds of scantily-clad women. Our reporter highlighted issues of low self-esteem, self-worth, racial prejudice and impressionable youth in India, before being elbowed out of the way by other starry-eyed reporters.

‘’They gave me the 5 crore I wanted, so their cream must really get rid of those pesky blemishes. Why else would they sell it? Did you all not see the boy in their ad? He may have become 56 shades lighter, but the removal of all that dirt on his face caused him to become pretty desirable and smart. Not so sure personality or aptitude have anything to do with anything. It’s more of an anti-blemish and spots thing really, not fairness. To be honest, if they pay me the same again, I’ll sell underage kids drugs. Performance enhancing drugs of course. For their studies and stuff’.

’ Pushed to further explain his idiocracy and reinforcing our inherit racism, he then shouted ‘’sorry I need to go film some McDowells CD ads, because they make really good music CDs. Just like Heineken make amazing glasses. Got to make sure impressionable youngsters watching are listening to the right music during parties- See you at my next premier!’’ he shouted, zooming off in his Bentley.