Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Mothers wary of little cheeky sons

01, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: “Every child is playing. It is only me who stays behind the doors”, said 7-year-old Saad at his house confinement in view of the severe colder wintry days. He has got the habit of moving out on one call of her little brigade. His friends wait for an apt moment to shout out and he soon slips away from the second-storey flat.

The winter vacations are gradually running out but the temperature is not coming up. In such prevailing conditions, the considerate parents forbid their little ones to stay behind. However, they do not accept their command in Toto.

The mothers are becoming wary of their immature boys from being disobedient. They are saying that it would be better to engage them with the electronic device than to allow them for the outdoor play. They do not like their sons to stay outside the house for a longer duration.

What they dislike is their complete distraction from the routine study. They heartily want their sons to pay attention to their books. Total distraction from the study has been trending among the juniors as they remain profoundly interested in merely fooling around.

Disturbed with her son’s changed manners one young mother was seen suggesting others to restrict their little sons from hanging around with the friends. She with a shade of pink blush advised the mothers to compel their unripe sons to be attentive to their studies and if they are not taking an interest they should remain busy with the computers.

It is the far better option than to loiter around outside. Her son has developed a habit of staying with the friends outside most of the time which is a very annoying matter for her.

“There inhabits a rationale in me that delights in denying him what he naughtily wants”, she stated.