Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

Mother's milk is protective elixir

05, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Nature remains steadfast in taking care of the infants with a view to sustaining absolute balance between the life and the environment. Whatsoever has been bestowed by the humankind in different forms is amazing indeed. On this count, there is the mother’s milk that is a solid protective food for very, very tender infants. Nature arranges every kind of nourishment in the natural milk. The infant remains alive on the mother’s milk in early days. Man can never be as generous as nature is. The infant accepts only light milk as fatty milk is not digestible for the babies.

The natural mother’s milk finds alternative in the cow’s milk. Being valuable ingredient for the infants, its availability remains quite troublesome. In case it is available easily it is too costly to consume. The consumers always bemoan its impurity. What the infants are given to consume is just the milky water. Adulteration in the milk is normal practice these days. Claims are regularly made of purity but the things which are adulterated in the name of profit-making milk stun us immensely. Paradoxically, the young Indians can digest that mixed milk but the infants can never grasp its intake. So, the task of the mother’s milk starts in this bemused condition.

It definitely contains life-saving antibodies and enables mother-child bond. Kids are exclusively breastfed for six months. Above Forty-one percent infants avail breastfeeding in Uttar Pradesh. It is four out of ten infants are adequately breastfed in the state. It is natural nourishing nectar as well as a protective elixir for babies, in accordance with the reports. At present, the medical sciences approve of its total utility for the infants. To propagate this vital message, the World Breastfeeding Week is to be organised up to ensuing Monday. It has immunological and anti-inflammatory properties that protect infants and mothers from various diseases.