Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Mother shape girls' future

25, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The parents married their fourth daughter to a distant district. She was not trained in the household chores. She even did not know to cook the daily meals. When she was told to prepare the normal things she used to start weeping. Her contentment was that she was surrounded by none who could taunt for her weakness. There was an only kind-hearted grandmother who kept on solacing her for her failures. She was as sympathetic as she always prompted her for endeavours. Receiving total support from a soft-hearted grand old lady she complied with her instructions.

As she started gaining confidence by her repeated attempts in preparation of the daily meals she gradually learnt a lot. Within a year or so she became proficient in cooking every kind of items from ordinary to special. This turned out to be a big relief for her otherwise she used to curse the quality of the mill crushed raw flour for burnt rotis. In her earlier days she cooked simple rotis like a fresh learner tries in her learning days at the mother’s harsh instructions. Despite all the fast expansion of the English education to the girls the art of roti-making cannot be avoided altogether.

Now, she has become quite practised in the preparation of several kinds of delicious foods. But she has been facing similar kind of sisterly order from the family where she has planned to marry her elder daughter. How can she be so foolish or childish after experiencing the pain? She has been ably training her daughter for this gainful purpose. Her authoritative instructions compels the inter class daughter to learn every details of the homely cooking though this young girl shows a tendency of learning from the cooking schools too. It is really the experienced mothers making daughters capable in traditional cookery and home economics.