Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Mosquitoes in Mumbai launch online petition

13, Jan 2018 By zoomout

Mosquitoes in the Charkop suburb of Mumbai launched an online petition complaining against the high home prices in the once affordable and clean location.

The chief complaint is that while mosquito population is rapidly increasing, the number of people in the area are not keeping up to feed the mosquito population due to the high cost of buying homes in the area. The idea for an online petition came up after tens of mosquitoes landed on the same finger of a local resident and were finding the blood flow dramatically reduced.dengue_mosquito2

Fathers had to suck blood for double the time before getting enough strength to fly back to their homes in the open sewage gutters. Mothers had to spend so much extra time sucking blood that they could only infect a third of the people than only a few months ago.

Mrs. Anopheles, the principal proponent of the petition, said that at this rate of infection, her contract with the Plasmodium company was in danger of being revoked. She said that Plasmodium’s key managers Falciparum and Vivax were losing confidence in her and were thinking of moving to another locality where the mosquitoes were thought to be harder at work, such as Navi Mumbai.

In response to the online complaint, the Mumbai municipality assured the mosquitoes that while they couldn’t control the home prices, they would leave the sewage gutters uncovered and not undertake any extermination drive. The mosquito “repellant” industry came out in strong support of the municipal position. Mr. Goodnight, Mr. Tortoise, Mr. Allout, Mrs. Odomus, and others from the industry praised the half-hearted efforts and said that it was a model for other cities to decidedly follow.

Meanwhile, the Charkop mosquitoes are seeking more signatures on their online petition in their million-strong WhatsApp group since they are decidedly underwhelmed by the municipal response.