Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Was it a miracle or just fluke?

30, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: This is a plain matter; but, unless it is expressed and read, the whole of the point may be rejected and objected as trash. The miracle attracts everyone and that’s why the miracle men dominate over the scientific minds. Just as the light travels faster than the sound so as we want the end results within a zip. That’s why so many ideas are phenomenally floated on and off and afterwards these are assiduously sold in several odd ways. This cannot be cancelled out hastily. We are used to the planning of the days ahead in the sunlight hours.

Was it a miracle or a kind of quick or timely help? Or, was it just like drowning man catches at a straw? Whatever it may possibly be, it came as a big relief to the poor man who went to obtain a token number for treatment of the ailment at a charitable hospital adjacent to his shanty. Owing to his weak health he completed the distance of the road huffily. Standing in the queue he waited for his turn to reach near the ticket window where a very bad-mannered middle-aged woman was handing out small sized paper token with the number marked on it.

As the allocation of the number ticket was handled with computerised way, there was no cause of stress. By reaching the mouth of the open window the old man presented the amount quickly to the woman at the computerised glass chamber. She made the weak older man of the enhanced fee from that day. He was unaware of this increase as he visited the place after several months. He was desperate as he brought only that much amount. The moment he turned despairingly, he saw a ten-rupee currency note on the ground. Hastily he picked up the note and produced before the counter staff. Looking at the taped soiled note, the counter woman refused to accept. He was crestfallen. Soon an idea struck into his mind. He moved to the nearby petrol pump station for exchanging the note with a fresh one. He then obtained the ticket.