Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Mia Khalifa supports Zaira Wasim: Says she always felt liberated wearing a Hijab

22, Jan 2017 By Namit Jain

Mia Khalifa has come out in support of Zaira Wasim saying that her stance ‘Women in Hijab are beautiful and free’ is absolutely correct.

She said that in her brief experience in the entertainment industry, some of her best performances came wearing a Hijab. It always made her go that extra mile with regards to commitment and energy towards the character she was playing on screen. For her it worked as a catalyst for liberation and made her forget about everything else that was going around. It helped her achieve more depth in the performance.

Mia Khalifa said that it is an absolute misconception that Hijab is forced upon Muslim Women. Some women feel independent and liberated wearing it and wear it out of choice. It is not a hinderance but a comfortable attire which suits the needs of women in every profession.

She added saying that she owes much of her success to it. That was her shot to fame. According to her people need to get out of the mindset of considering attires as a symbol of oppression. A woman wearing Burqa can be as liberated a woman wearing a Bikini. It’s just a matter of choice and perspective.