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Marriage certificate made compulsory like driving license in UP

01, Apr 2017 By Qais

March 30, 2017 Lucknow: Recently few anti-Modi and anti-Hindu media houses broadcasted the news of anti-Romeo squad creating menace not only for couples but also for husband-wife and siblings. While Yogi government of UP was busy taking back to back decisions related to development, the anti-Romeo squad was also one of those decisions which were criticized across the country, others include Yogi’s background, slaughter houses etc.

Raising his voice in the Parliament, Patna MP Lulwa Yadav asked, “In Bihar you can’t drink alcohol, in UP you can’t roam publicly, in MP you can’t survive after getting govt. job due to Vyapam, in Rajasthan you can’t even stay due to high temperature, in Haryana they burn the couples alive, and no one wants to shift to Delhi because natives of Delhites also want to leave to get rid of Kejriwal, so where should the youth who is bearing the flag of Digital India should go?”

BJP members who are in majority in lower house started shouting on this question raising the slogans, “Go to Pakistan, Go to Pakistan”. Loksabha chief Sumitra Ji intervened to keep the members disciplined by calling again-and-again “baith jaiye, baith jaiye please (sit down, sit down please) but failed.

UP government issued the format and important details of the certificate.
UP government issued the format and important details of the certificate.

PM Modi who was not present in the house due to his foreign visit to USA was briefed about this parliament incident by his parliamentary affairs minister. According to secret services (correction: sources) right inside USA, PM Modi was reported quite unhappy on BJP MP’s behavior in the house and called UP CM Yogi instantly to catch the ground report. It was time difference in US & India timing and the India was sleeping, still CM Yogi was awake at 3 AM morning and attended the call himself. He promised PM to settle down the anti-Romeo squad matter soon.

Later a cabinet meeting was called by CM Yogi and it was decided to make marriage certificate mandatory to be carried in order to prove your marital status. Briefing the press conference the deputy CM of UP Pankaj Singh said, “This decision is benchmark decision by our CM. Our government has decided to use an already existing ID card lying idle in files, the Marriage certificate. Driving License allows you to drive, and Marriage certificate will certify your marital status, to do what married couples do (he laughed out while saying this). Next time please carry your marriage certificate and show it to anti-Romeo squad to save yourself from them. Siblings will have to carry Ration-card copy to prove their relation.”

Upon asking why this anti-Romeo squad and what about couples not having marriage certificate or migrated from outside or living in live-in the minister replied swiftly replied, “Outsiders can leave right now, we want to make UP great again, India great again. This all is just for your safety. People who are against new India and development should leave UP. Anti-Romeo squad is to safeguard our ladies from goondas, and all ladies should support this.

Their boyfriends or partners failed to keep them safe from goondas so they should immediately leave their Namard (impotent) partners, our govt. is giving them this guard. Living-in relation is against Hindu religion and such couples will be treated by anti-Romeo squad as unmarried couples. Our govt. has given 15 days window to people who don’t have marriage certificate yet, they can file and get it done from municipal. This will also result better marriage registration data and statistics which people usually ignore.”

Increasing the powers of anti-Remeo squad team, CM Yogi allowed the policemen to beat and fine the couples on the spot. Clarifying this order, beat constable Pappu Yadav said, “Thanks to Yogi Ji for creating this squad. I have taken field job where I can chew Gutkha (Tobacco) freely (He said while painting the side wall with red color). Our anti-Romeo team can beat and fine couples so that they think twice next time while doing all such activities. It will also finalize the matter on the spot without court intervention. As these loafers don’t earn so putting fine on them will leave them empty pockets and their partners will also eventually leave those poor men. Sooner or later those youths will come to the right path and will focus on studies which is best for them in their age.”

FakingNews always brings the crux of any news from a different angle, and walking onto this solid foundation, our correspondent went into deep roots of this anti-Romeo squad origination. He talked to RSS UP Chief and Hindu Bachao Samiti (CM Yogi founded this organization) head Swami Chandnath Bhagvat who looked very happy, “These Muslims made our Hindu girls fool and showed them false love and eloped with them converting them into Muslims. I discussed this with Yogi Ji when he was in Hindu Bachao Samiti that we should do something to stop this. Now as we are in power, we will not let this happen. We will beat them all who show love to Hindu girls, irrespective of who he is. If you love then you have to leave new India, new UP. Either prove your relation or be ready to face the music. Today you can’t trust even your brother and you are questioning Romeos who take benefit of our girls. You don’t see it but Hindu Religion is in trouble now a days. We have to save hindus before they become extinct. Thanks CM Yogi, UP badal raha hai (UP is changing), Jai Hindu, Jai Hindustan.”

Opposition strongly registered their feelings via twitter and media. Delhi minister Kapil Mishra invited all Romeos to Connaught Place saying our govt. will provide free wi-fi there for people suffering from such squad. AAP Chief Kejriwal named it “ban on independence” and filed a PIL in Supreme Court. He argued that had this been in place in his time, he and his wife couldn’t get married. Such squads should be squashed with immediate effect. Sunny Leone also tweeted- “India is the country of Kamasutra and Yogi Ji stopping Romeos. he deliberately needs a Menaka, When Vishwamitra couldn’t control then how Yogi will.”

While this all has become one versus all whether it be CM Yogi vs others or PM Modi vs others, we all should note the key point out of decision, the marriage certificate. Be ready to face the consequences if you are not carrying marriage certificate. And there may be chances that traffic cop asks you marriage certificate before driving license just because you are driving with your wife on the backseat. Welcome to new India.