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Man leaves others in dire straits

10, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: In a gathering of about one dozen people at a friend’s residence, one lanky middle-aged person told that he could free his wife by spending an amount of nearly six-digit amount from any problem. His advice has put several people in dire straits. But he was not ready to accept his mistake. He kept on making examples of his strong relations with the party ensnared all these innocent people in the property matters.

He was neither a very educated man, nor a thorough pupil of the laws, nor a proficient advice-giver. But he prevailed over every other people present on the occasion. His follower was one person often addressed as Pardesi because he loved to be called so. The majority of the people attending the person’s dialogue looked annoyed at his self-centered speech. He continued to describe his connection with the cunning person whom others never regarded as an honest man.

What was the most astounding thing was that the legal expert advised not to obey the command of that shrewd person anyhow? But the lanky businessman pressurised to accept what he was saying. All the persons were unmindful of the grave consequences which were going to befall upon them. It was even indicated by the advocate. Despite that correct suggestion, the people were forced to do what they should not initiate at any cost.

There was a dialogue in Shahrukh Khan starred film ‘Raees’ which goes thus: Mohalla jalate jalate pura Shahar jala baethha. Similarly, that proud man compelled the honest and the peace-loving people to fall into the vicious circle of difficulties. The film’s story showed how the hero struggled to secure his wife and child. In the mundane story, the lanky man also talked about saving his wife from the clutches of unkindness leaving so many others in the lurch.