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Man files for bankruptcy after losing all his money on social media betting

10, Mar 2017 By electroman
Bankrupt man after gambling
Bankrupt man after gambling

A Chennai man addicted to gambling who is known to be a chronic gambler, has recently lost all his money and filed for bankruptcy. The reason behind it is a new phenomenon in gambling, which he claims that he has recently invented. He had been a serial gambler since his childhood days. He has won and lost so much money betting on marbles, gully cricket etc. He even agreed for marriage after losing a bet with his mom. After marriage he started betting on so many things such as his appraisal, sex of his unborn child, days when his wife will make Upma.

Everything was going fine until one day, he saw something on social media that changed his entire life. While browsing through his Facebook newsfeed he saw a picture with a caption, “Bet you cant scroll down without liking this pic”. Immediately he got an idea about starting a new betting trend. He started sharing pictures like those and started betting with his friends to scroll down without liking it.

His luck turned bad when he was not able to win a single bet. Soon he lost all his money and property. He even closed his PF account to continue playing with his friends and relatives. Later he filed for bankruptcy, but his application was rejected because Mallya was standing in front of him in the queue. At last all he was left with was his mobile. He bet that mobile with our Faking news reporter and lost it, was the breaking news we heard finally from the area.