Saturday, 17th March, 2018

Man applies for agricultural loan from bank after successfully cultivating lots of ear hair

15, Feb 2018 By electroman

A middle aged techie has surprised everyone by successfully applying for Agricultural loan and receiving it immediately from a bank. All the while without having a single piece of land and without touching any kind of crops. His specialty, was growing thick and long ear hair. Now the people who mocked him for so long are silenced. They were too shell shocked from this incident.

When reporters approached them for comments, they said, “We’ve known him for a long time. We’ve seen his passport, ID card and Linkedin profile pic all with his ear hair. We used to tease him a lot about it. We would stare at it during boring meetings, dancing to the wind. We never thought that someday it will end up helping him out.

Patanjali, Flipkart and Amazon have launched Eardo line of products like ear hair oil, ear hair wax and ear hair comb, ear hair clip, ear hair shampoo etc to potential buyers. They are also planning to launch armpit hair oil for Engineering hostel students. Hair salons have introduced Ear hair colouring and ear hair straightening in their styling treatments.

When asked about the whole thing with the loan being granted, the techie said, “I was always worried that i was losing hair from my scalp. But secretly I was gaining more hair in my ears and nose. I just put it to good use. My ear hair has fetched me some good fortune. I also keep one strand of nose hair long and untrimmed to distract people during conversations.”