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Lady gladdened with sweeper's Oye, Oye

18, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The employed housewife’s face brightened with the sweeper’s song which she rendered at the door for collecting the rubbish from the flat. Films’ song certainly brings its fast impact on the people. It seems as if films lighten up the tension of everyone whether educated or uneducated. When one family living on a newly constructed building’s third floor expressed annoyance at the unresponsive sweeper’s nature, she had to promise that family’s housewife for the task of removing the accumulated garbage. She asked her to come to her upper floor flat.

Making her points clear the lady told that she had not developed the habit of throwing rubbish on the road down the balcony. So, it is reasonable to gather the polyethene containing the garbage. What the sweeper was asked to do was simply utterance of the words “Oye” and she would put the polythene bag on the stairs. Accepting the housewife’s words the woman sweeper rapidly reached the third floor. She started singing Oye, Oye in her slender voice. Listening to the song’s lyrical line, the housewife swiftly entrusted her the garbage pack.

The working lady’s idea worked accordingly. Soft-spoken woman’s insistence fulfilled her desire. In the meantime, what brought adequate mirth was the sweeper’s lyrical tone. The sweeper’s sweet voice appeared like a professional singer. It was queer for other residents as to how the sweeper used sweet words. She always preferred bitter remarks. What residents always resented was the lack of mild-manners in her. She used to keep away from perfection in her sweeping job. Her absence was a normal feature. Anyhow, what she never hesitated in raising her monthly wage as early as she could extract from the residents. She cultivated a habit of growling till every family did not pay her in accordance with her demand.