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Kundan Fan Club reacts to Anti-Romeo squads, calls it violation of their civil rights

23, Mar 2017 By Namit Jain

Members of the non-religious outfit, Kundan Fan Club have voiced their displeasure over the deployment of Anti-Romeo squads by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the state.

UP's Aam Aadmi (Launda)
UP’s Aam Aadmi (Launda)

The core ideology of this outfit is based on Dhanush’s character of the hit movie Raanjhana and the members consider him as their role model. They’ve released a statement saying, “Stalking, Groping and Eve-teasing are the fundamental rights of a UP Ka Launda. That’s how they’ve been wooing girls for ages now. They don’t know any other way of going after girls. This has been a part-time & full-time occupation for quite a few number of boys in UP. An order like this will lead to rise in unemployment.”

The members are planning to stage a protest outside the Chief Minister’s residence. The president of the association, Mr Jugnu Kumar said, “The Chief Minister believes that we should all become Sanyasis like him. Arre aapka chal jaata hain, par humaare pet par kyun laat maar rahe ho”.

The members are confident that they’ll be able to make the state government change their mind. One of the members even quoted a famous dialogue from the movie that has been accepted by them as their biblical canon, “Yeh Banaras Hai, Agar Launda Saala Yahan Bhi Haar Gaya, Toh Jeetega Kahan”.

More details awaited.