Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Kind emotions beat in our hearts

12, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The more one experiences, the more one finds the impulse to learn. Every day there is a new experience about the realities of the mundane life. What we perceive in our routine daily lives taking place all around us certainly gives a fresh feel of understanding. Returning on that particular day from the marketplace one parent realised that this callous world was not wholly devoid of good people.

As his two-wheeler developed some sort of magnetic snag into its engine, the required help came from a young mechanic who appeared on the vacant road by chance. He got the defunct engine in motion through his mechanical ingenuity. What he happened to see was that not only one person was caring his “sick” vehicle’s engine but several persons turned up around? Each one was providing one’s pointed advice. Some (many, most) said that there was a problem in the clutch plates. Others (two) stated that there was electrical snag of the current supply.

However, it was later detected that there did clearly exist the petrol overflow problem. The vehicle was slightly bent by putting a half brick on one stand leg which somehow helped the dead engine ignite with the full velocity.

On the way a little farther, one boy was badly injured in a car-scooty collision in the middle of the road. His leg’s skin was entirely peeled off down to the ankle and the boy was crying in severe pain. Whoever saw this accident swiftly approached the boy for instant help and arranged medical help in the hospital not too far.

The human emotions had not yet died down despite our selfish stance on political, social, economic and religious aspects. It was discovered with sparks in the eyes that the kindness, sympathy and compassion were still dominating our minds.