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Indians evolve in to Mutant Beings with inbuilt red light on palms for crossing busy roads

17, Mar 2017 By electroman

In a sudden change of events most Indians woke up today with a mutant super power. A lot of Indians residing in busy cities reported that they have grown red lights in the palm of their hands. They were surprised to see the lights turn on when they are crossing roads with very heavy traffic. That’s when most people realised that it is useful for crossing the roads with unruly traffic.

Newly evolved Metro's Human Feature
Newly evolved Metro’s Human Feature

Even scientists were surprised at first with this bizarre malformation, but later they understood this is nature playing its evolution card. Nature saw that Indians cross the roads mostly in places where there are no zebra crossings or signals. Indian drivers don’t mind both of these when they drive anyway. So people crossing the roads use just their hands to stop traffic for a microsecond so that they can cross to the other side. Nature has given us this gift of light so we can cross the roads in the night as well using the same technique.

Meanwhile Arun Jaitley was seen planning to tax the mutants with a new cess called Professor Xavier Kalyan Cess. Under this scheme the electricity bills for the Mutants will be charged 25% extra. By evening the local bazaar vendors were selling blinking LEDs and shockproof cases made in China for the mutant lights.

In other news few Indian women woke up and found that they were menstruating in blue color as shown in the ads. The sanitary napkin industry can finally relax.