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Host's delight, guest's trouble

11, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: On the very next day after the solemnization of his daughter’s marriage ceremony, the delighted daddy asked his acquaintances how were arrangements? Some of them told him that it was too good to explain. Several others stated that everything was superb and it was correctly tagged in the category of the ‘ek number’. This was enough for him to hear. He wanted to entertain the individuals’ reactions which seemed quite necessary for him.

His pleasure was visible on the wedding night particularly at the time of receiving the groom at the well-decorated entrance gate. He was standing with the rose wreath. Dressed in a white traditional dress he welcomed the youthful groom with garland and quickly stood straight for the memorable snaps. Despite all the make-up and clean-shaven face, the face was covered with some tint of strains. He looked as much worried as the groom appeared following his first step into the spacious lawn of the hall decorated grandly for the dinner.

Like a lucky father, he also felt a sense of satisfaction by marrying his eldest daughter. Being a big accountability it is the parents’ customary concern our human society. The role of daughter’s mother stays important in the timely solemnisation of this social liability. This is practically correct and realistic. None can raise objection over this actuality. However, the happy man also asked his neighbour about his impressive arrangements.

What he answered really prostrated him. He was awestruck by his curt reply. In actual words, he pointed out that his dinner became a big burden for him. Intake of the butter chicken worsened the digestive system badly. It did not remain limited to one but others in the family also faced the same problem right away. The marriage was a matter of happiness for you but complicatedness has befallen to us.