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Higher judiciary to have persons from traditional sports background

24, Jan 2017 By ysoserious

In what appears to be a quick and radical development, GOI issued ordinance with President’s assent which made it compulsory for the eminent jurists to be appointed as judges of Supreme Court and High courts to be well versed with regional and local sports. In a late night cabinet meeting, the GOI decided to revise the criterion for appointment in higher judiciary.

The selected judge
The selected judge

A senior minister after the meeting divulged, “A minimum 10 years experience as a player of one or more traditional sport has been made mandatory for anyone aspiring to be either a judge in SC or any of the HCs. This will help get healthy and fit judges, who may now look into millions of pending cases with vigor”. An exhaustive list of traditional sports is being prepared by GOI in consultation with all state governments. A new bill will follow the suit in budget session of Parliament.

Another senior bureaucrat, demanding anonymity, said, “Our dismal performance in sports is a universal truth, which beckon on us. Having judges with experience in local/traditional sports will help the executive in formulating innovative policies wherever government falters”. He gave the example of recent overhaul of BCCI at the hands of SC monitored Lodha panel, to prove his points.

We failed to elicit any response from the honorable judges. However, a recently appointed judges lamented the move as an exercise by the executive to scuttle the independence of judiciary. “It is atrocious”, he decried! “They want us now to be connoisseur of Atya Ptya, Bull Racing, Insuknawr, Kuttiyum Kolum, Dhopkhel, Mallakhamb, Logori etc.” The matter is expected to be mulled over by judges of SC in a meeting scheduled later this week.