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Why do guests insist on half cup tea?

09, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The other day it was learnt that a very prominent political leader preferred half cup of tea on his arrival at one of his supporters’ residence on a very specific date in a whole calendar year. His visit and resolve for drinking tea are inter-connected. All the importance is given to him on his sudden coming and more than this the preparation of half-cup tea also secures utmost value on the occasion. So, the host’s focus, attention and heed mainly lie on the tea.

When they ask for Half Cup Of Tea
When they ask for Half Cup Of Tea

Despite varied researches on the synopsis of half-cup tea drinking habit, nothing gainful has been known. If it is stated in another way the researchers are unsuccessful in understanding the reality behind the usual customary demand of the half-cup tea. The people habitual of drinking at the corner stalls never show urge for that much tea in the cup or earthen Kulhhar. The secret of half-cup tea was not even revealed by the British who trained us to fall a regular victim of this drink added with a few harmful elements causing damage to our body. What to say of that politician, it can be experienced by anyone.

When a guest visits his acquaintance’s place, the host out of hospitality and courtesy asks for the tea. Promptly the guest requests for the half-cup tea. This is normal practice in our indigenous society. Even the moneyed guests have a preference for that much quantity of tea discarding several items laid on the table before him. Tea is generally called a common man’s drink but it holds the similar liking for others too. Therefore the curiosity for half-cup tea demand remains unexplored and it will definitely remain so until a perfect answer is not available. There is need to embark on another sort of research on this very matter.