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GST-Girlfriend Service Tax launched in Thailand

01, Jul 2017 By alien4dec

Bangkok: At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world was asleep, entire Thailand was awaken to witness the launch of “Girlfriend Service Tax”.

In the special mid-night parliament session, President announced, “As per the new GST system, all boyfriends need to pay additional tax for any items procured for his girlfriend. If they can afford a girlfriend, then its understandable that they can also pay GST”.

Alia Bhatt pretending trying to understand GST
Alia Bhatt pretending trying to understand GST

World over feminist welcomed this new tax system, rich business men applauded the change which has now become a matter of stature for them, while poor jobless engineers were found protesting all across Thailand.

Speaking to faking news, Engineer Shirish Kunder said, “Selling mobile covers on Instagram, I bought Motorola mobile phone for myself, while to fulfil my girlfriends demand for an iPhone, I sold my one kidney. But with the introduction of GST, having a girlfriend itself shall become a luxury. Its quite disheartening for strugglers like us. Glad that the Government didn’t introduce GST – Girlfriend Sex Tax as well”.

Specially for faking news readers, as per GST few items which are clubbed under various tax bracket are listed below:

  1. 44%: Luxury hotels, SUV, iPhones, casino, clubs, diamond and gold jewelleries
  2. 34%: Lingerie, makeup items, cigarettes, alcohols, branded bags and accessories
  3. 24%: Fine dining restaurants , movies, apparels, footwear, aroma candles and air travels
  4. 14%: Viagra, contraceptive pills, pregnancy kits and abortion pills
  5. 04%: Flavoured condoms, lubricants, vibrators, oral sex mints and sex toys
  6.   0%: Sanitary pads, hand sanitizers, porn website subscriptions, playboy magazines and chocolates

Famous porn star Sunny Leone was elated with the news. She said, “GST paves the way for ‘Many Girlfriends, One Tax’ ideology”.

Well, we all need to be cognizant of the fact that every stupendous change in history has been met with strong resistance in one way or another. One cannot expect that a mammoth change like this will not make few males anxious or restless but it’s a bonanza lottery for females to boast their rich GST paying male partners.