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Greenery dropping to awful level

11, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There would have been a lot of greenery all around if the tree plantation drive by the Forest Department each year had achieved its objective. Unfortunately, the ground level results remain far different from the affirmations made by the department every day so often.  As many as 5, 55,000 plants during 2015-16 were sowed at the city’s various locations but about seventy percent samples had died down owing to its careless execution. Even the officials somewhere are seen accepting negligence in its improper upkeep. After plantation of the samplings, the needful attention is not given to the young plants that are why there persisted drive’s unimpressive ineffectiveness.

The public comes to realise of the drive as a failure of the target set every other year. When we find the road bereft of trees, the immediate experience of pollution and dust encircles us. A vast number of the samples are sowed properly, even the soil testing is done and pest control chemicals are also made but the frail samples either fall a prey to the stray cattle or wither away due to the toxic fumes. As the shower falls on these weak plants these fail to stand the onslaught of the intense rains. Several question, what is the utter use of planting if preservation and maintenance are not getting importance? The budget is never scant as the department maintains.

According to the district forest officer, the target is fixed every year and a total target of 637000 samples is to be completed this current year. During the year 2012-13, a total of 27000 plants were put under the soil while as many as 11000 samplings in 2013-14 and 94000 seedlings were planted in 2014-15 but end results were deplorable. The tragedy is that the city residents are still devoid of the trees, shadows and greenery which they badly require for fresh air. Oxygen level is continuously decreasing. It is the trees which can save us from the environment pollution.