Saturday, 24th March, 2018

Good Samaritans on the road

08, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR:  On Saturday, two tall military men were seen clearing traffic tangle on Tagore Road here. It was just in front of the posh girls’ school. The parents’ vehicles were slowly moving towards the school’s big entry gate while the other vehicles were also passing through the busy road. On account of the not-so-wider road at the school’s frontage, the jam remains a daily feature at in the afternoon when the school gets over.

What drew the public attention at those crucial hours was the presence of two taller Samaritans who were turbaned military personnel. They jumped into the entangled road jam and started clearing the road for suitable passage of the vehicles stalled on the road. Being the Cantonment area their help was obvious and palpable. It was the orderly show of the real factual life.

How they made way for the big sized cars was worth seeing. The school’s gatekeeper was a mute spectator as he was not able to manage the whole thing. Several parents parked their small or medium vehicles far from the school and approached the school’s gate for collecting their wards. The wait was long so they adopted this recourse in order to avoid wastage of time.

There was, of course, no paradox at all in saying if we happen to come across in good Samaritans the calmly helpful human characters it very likely or certainly that it supports the spirit of real heroes. They come out as Spiderman or trouble buster. They really are good humans for their acts earn enough praises for their instant initiatives. There may be a million things that do take place on a routine basis, and yet only one single thing that convinces us has happened on the present day. Out of a million possible things, this was the only one appropriate thing.