Sunday, 18th February, 2018

Get drunk for out of ordinary remarks

29, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Years later in the completeness of his fame and reputation, he enlarged an atypical habit of discarding everything unfavourable to him. He was never as such in his previous days according to his contemporaries. He subsequently fell into the bad habit of drinking the intoxicated coloured water. Despite knowing its dire, dismal results upon his healthy body and mind, he did not leave this despicable propensity. Sitting on a cosy chair around his close friends, he even agreed to the very risk of the drinking exercise. However, his exact detachment from this off beam inclination was not looking possible.

When his drinks used to cross the limit, he did not deem it fit to restrict its usage despite his friends’ strong pressure for halting drinking habit. He appeared to have reached to such a position as to be difficult for him leaving this evil habit. He often raised the point what wrong the forbidden drinks had caused to him. Even though he was aware of the shocking consequences of addiction, he was not showing any bent of avoidance. It was also known to him that this condition always spoiled every sobriety in the human being. The alcoholic drink can never be thirst-quencher only. It causes what one drinker cannot realise after consuming it.

That particular person under the influence of such drinks utters merely incorrect words as the slackened veins loosen grasp over the brains. When he returned from his friend’s house he even started saying what was quite ridiculous in a complete state of intoxication. He learnt of this situation when his reserved wife narrated the whole of the matter later. He felt a lot of compunctions because of his guiltiness. He spoke nothing immoral but it was out of the ordinary. He threw arrows of love you remarks at his meek wife several times in that inebriated position.