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Gents only seat on the roof tops of buses: SC

03, Aug 2016 By varunsundars

Chennai: Shocking incident happened here at one of the Chennai MTC buses when Mr. Innocent Indian, a poor man lost his temper and shouted at a gang of women occupying the men’s side seats of the route 56C bus. Eventually the man managed to grab the seat and establish men’s rights but was shortly handed over to the nearby police!

Case for men empowerment!

Inside the MTC bus in which the incident happened
Inside the MTC bus in which the incident happened

Stating this embarrassment Mr. Innocent Indian filed a public grievance case at Supreme Court asking for equal rights for men at least in buses if not in homes! The government prosecutor argued that ‘Women must be given reservation according to the Indian constitution and hence Madras Transport Corporation has just allocated a mere 100% seats to ladies at MTC buses. Meanwhile, Supreme Court strictly condemned this incident stating that this case is against women’s interests and declared that the so called ‘Gents’ seat in buses are actually ‘General’ seats which can be occupied by women at their will!

The ‘Girly’ Gossips:

Mr. Innocent Indian’s lawyer defended his party by saying that I2 (in short) had only asked 2 of the college girls to give up their seats as they were seen occupying the seats on men’s side even though adequate seats were available on the other side as well. He further added that these girls were found occupying men’s seats as they can’t find space to sit next to each other on ladies’ side to gossip without which they can hardly live! He also said that with booming IT industry and increasing talks on women liberty, girls seemed to out number the boys not only in workplaces but also in buses causing these kind of problems.

Supreme Court’s Historic Judgement:

Hearing arguments on both sides, SC’s elite judge panel consisting of only women (as male judges find it hard to find their seat there too) gave historic judgement recommending all state governments to reserve seats for gents at least at roof-tops of city buses. Hearing this already various ladies associations have started protesting at court’s entrance asking to allot seats there too even before the end of this particular hearing! One of the leader of a ladies club even threatened to disguise herself as a man or undergo a special operation at Bombay if their request is not fulfilled. Hearing this a gang of young college girls already climbed to the roof top of a bus and reserved seats using their duppatta and started involving in verbal duel with innocent men lying there.

Spiderman back in Action!

A snapshot of SC's special plan for 'gents only' seat at roof-tops
A snapshot of SC’s special plan for ‘gents only’ seat at roof-tops

SC also expressed its concerns about recruiting conductors to issue tickets both inside and outside the bus as there is only one ‘SpiderMan’ in the world! Who knows? Soon clones of Spiderman may be deployed to accomplish this task. Also whether the roof tops of buses are capable of withstanding men’s weight is yet to be confirmed. It was also reported that a plan to deploy a special ‘Female’ conductor at men’s only roof-tops to boost the profits of not so well performing transport corporations is waiting for approval. But with a tight packed crowd at peak hours making life difficult even to breathe, whether Spiderman will survive this mission is yet to be known!

The other side of I2:

Here it is to be mentioned that Mr. I2 had already filed a case at Chennai HighCourt before, asking for reservation in Chennai City’s share autos as men are allowed to sit only next to the auto driver in most cases! However we can conclude that our Innocent Indian like all other men in general has a tender heart and a recent incident in which he was made to stand with a fractured limb for occupying one of the ladies’ seat provoked this kind of behavior from him.

And beware all you guys when you try to occupy ladies’ seats not only in buses at Chennai but all over India or even the world as you will be shown no mercy like we show to them.