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Gay wedding cancelled over dowry dispute

29, Nov 2016 By Feminist: To Be or Not to Be

The first ever Indian Gay Wedding was cancelled over dowry dispute. Tension started brewing when both both the parties arrived at the wedding site and no one was there to welcome them.

There was  Itra, flower petals and Pan Parag but no Ladki Waale for “Baratiyon ka swagat”. No ‘Ladki ka Bhai’ or ‘Ladki ka Baap’ were found at  the venue massaging the inflated egos of ‘Ladke Wale’. Both the grooms  and their families and assumed the role of Ladke Wale and  very rightly so.

"Never imagined that we will have to depart for this reason, my love."
“Never imagined that we will have to depart for this reason, my love.”

A witness who did not wish to be named for fear of being ostracized from his family for attending a gay wedding told Faking News, “There was a lot of tension and confusion from the start. No one was willing to sit on bride’s side at the Mandap. Hence both the gay couple was made to sit on opposite sides of the pyre”.

Just before the ‘Phere’ father of Groom 1 demanded dowry. Chirkut is my only son and heir to all the new 500 and 2000 rupee notes. I have the right to extort dowry.” Father of groom 2 countered, “I have married six daughters and given hefty amounts of dowry in their marriage. This is my turn for reimbursement”.

Special guest Mr. Karan Johar tried to intervene but was ignored completely. He was spotted leaving the premise in tears and singing, “Ye hain Mere Karam.. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam”.

When asked about the wedding cancellation, the grooms responded, “We are extremely hurt as the wedding was called off. But we love our parents and are willing to marry a girl each to fulfill their dowry requirement.”

Baba Ramdev has welcomed them to his Ashram with open arms and promise to cure them in 50 days, just like Mr. Modi will cure the country of black money in 50 days.