Monday, 26th February, 2018

Freshness does not stay longer

28, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What is endured by its novelty cannot be swallowed for all time to come. Though the first rain and fresh wife appear something extraordinarily pleasant, all the niceties and good-natured remarks subside after a gap of few weeks. Indeed, the people cannot resist their passion for the rains and newly wedded wife initially. The light rain at the start is welcomed with great respite after the elongated hot weather and a similar feeling is realised with the new wife whose beauty and reason in the preliminary months are accepted.

When the light rain turns into the heavy rain it creates all the havoc. The people begin to seek out reprieve from the rains. Its conversion into the form of flood brings several agonies. The water soon overshadows everything. The whole topography changes with the surge of water in the rivers. Houses collapse, cattle wash away into the water and the standing crops into the fields destroy. The flood-hit people come under the mercy of the government. With the passing of the month after month the new wife also grows to be old and her behaviour gets changed.

However, the husband begins to understand the wife’s mind. She starts responding with the forceful intensity. The husband prostrates before her irksome wife. Arguments become a routine affair. Point of no return is seen every day. The hellish condition rules over the routine life. The position comes with such a miserable level that the ferocious wife commands while the battered husband tries to follow every order humbly and respectfully. Both of them recognize sadness so strange and deep that their faces express only impossible things. They forget when it is to enjoy a feel so vital and peaceful. This is what can be said of the flood which brings the only devastation all around.