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Forever Alone Community bans pie charts, says that they are a cruel tool to humiliate the singles

22, Jun 2016 By Sir_Jaunpuriya

Mumbai/New Delhi. In a recent press conference held at AHJU (Apna Haath Jagannath United) a major right wing self help society, chairman Pahlaj Na Hila Ni told the reporters that use of pie charts should be banned in Facebook and twitter as it is basically used to demoralize the singles and this is the major reason why they are single. These pie charts are often describing activities that are done by couples and then in a crude way shows how singles are unable to do it.

Taking oath at AHJ
Taking oath at AHJU to boycott Pie Chart

RSS (Rajwada Swayam Sevak) supported this movement and asked  government to declare a forever alone day in which activities will be organized to support the singles. Reservations and subsidies were also demanded for the forever alone community. RSS head told that I don’t understand what pie charts are but still I support this movement as I have been the oldest member of Forever Alone community, pie charts are creating a real nuisance in this society, and they are against the Indian culture.

One of the most valued MPs Yogi Aditya Anath said that the pie charts were brought to India by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb to corrupt Indian culture. Also, he adds that he has a research to back up his claims. Many proclaimed historians and statisticians are stunned by this new discovery and are coming to India to research more in this area.

On the other hand the committed society says that these pie charts are uploaded by single Facebook page admins in an desperate attempt to find a girlfriend on social media. One of them reported that these admins are so desperate that they are trying to hook up with the profile with top comments and hot display picture.

Government is silent in this matter and our PM has not made any comments in this matter which shows the incompetency of this government. Our previous PM in UPA (Ulta Pulta Alliance) regime was very open in nature and always commented of these critical topics.