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Fining kids is parents' usual right

01, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The parents are always strict for the children. Perhaps this was what depicted the Bollywood film Dangal by its much talked line ‘Hanikarak Bapu’. If a father remains rigid for his daughters, he is not less inflexible for the sons. This severity persists merely to develop discipline in life. Undeniably, this kind of rigorousness by the parents brings impact on the children.

However, there are teenagers who do not easily mend their errant ways despite all the fierce condemnations. They begin to go after those things which are objected by the parents. They do not feel any sense of remorse in doing what they need not carry in order to spoil themselves. What the parents forbid them to follow is aimed at improving their behavioural character and activities.

Teenagers’ attraction towards smoking is a very common habit. They begin to fall a prey to this habit without taking into consideration its adverse impact. First, they start smoking behind the gaze of their parents but they perceptively stop thinking about the parents’ awareness of their bad habit. When a father of 17-year-old son caught him smoking he tried to deny but later accepted his mistake.

In another instance, a very studious boy was smoking a costly cigarette slyly. But his father saw him puffing up the smoke into the thin air. Puzzled with this unhelpful situation he quickly put the burning piece of the cigarette into his right-side pocket. He remained unmindful of the feeling that the cigarette would burn the shirt’s pocket. His father with angry face enquired of smoking. Although he disagreed with his father’s question yet his hollowness revealed with smoke coming out of the burning pocket of the branded shirt. What could he say now? He uttered, “The smoke would surely emanate as you had dejected me immensely.”