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Who is more fierce man or animal?

23, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Man is exceedingly very vindictive that is why there is violence all around. His cruelty even startles the animals though cruel plants are also found. Once a poet wrote, “Jaanwar Bhi Heiraan Hein Wahsat-e-Insaani Per”(even animals are puzzled at human’s cruelness). This checked observation comes out in spite of everything more noticeable when the latest research has proved that the Pumas fear from the human tone. These mountainous lions fear to tread the location where they hear the human voice. They take up it better to retreat and even reduce its prey endeavours to a certain level around voice echoing surroundings.

That cruel man
That cruel man

It is a factual fact that the living planet finds the very presence of two distinctive unsympathetic societies. First is the human society and another is of animals’ society. Both the societies’ populations maintain a complete distance from one another. The human beings avoid the company of the beasts in their society and run off them at every available opportunity. This has been entirely proved following various rounds of the investigations meticulously conducted twenty-nine times on as many as seventeen pumas. It was found that they fled away every point after hearing human’s voice. However, they did not fear of frog’s peculiarly sounded tone of voice.

These kinds of lions often showed dislike in consuming its killing completely during the resonance of human voice. They also showed a tendency to make sufficient amount of preys in order to fill its stomach. Wherever the human feet fall recurrently, the puma lions used to augment deer and other animals’ prey instinctively. It rises more than thirty-five percent according to the research. Animals come into the category of the beasts but are the human beings far behind in cruelness? The ferociousness of human minds is not less than animals but the animals are fearful from the best creature on the earth. What a change has entered into the human sentiments!